#40 The opening and closing of doorsListen now (14 min) | Backdoors to state control, Opening the doors for redressing orbital dangers, Closing all backdoors through open-source
#39 Techno-forecasting: Regulatory gymnastics for a new yearÉcoutez maintenant (15 min) | Regulatory tech battles in India, Pandemics and regulatory politics, A Space Policy at Last?, In Service of the Digital…
#38: TechMania: The free, the expensive and the riskyÉcoutez maintenant (13 min) | Opening up to open-tech, Buying space power?, Vibing with nuclear fusion
Some data protection better than none, Missile designs and variants, Splinternet: A second cut.
On the UK government asking Nexperia to sell 86% of its stake in Newport Wafer Fab
#36: Secrets, Bad Calls and DisconnectionsÉcoutez maintenant (17 min) | Shattering Space Record Myths, Comments on the Draft Telecommunications Bill, 2022, Splinternet Conviction?
#35 Rage Against the (Company) MachinesÉcoutez maintenant (14 min) | Tying commercial and military ends, What did CII just do? and The CII verdict: All bark and no bite?
#34 Tech Wars by Various MeansÉcoutez maintenant (11 min) | Starlink & the Dismal Attractions of Space Warfare, What’s Technological Sovereignty Anyway? and Browser Wars, again?
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